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Wildlife X Team can help you with any type of snake that gets onto your property or into your home. Many types of snakes are native to Texas and can appear on your property at one time or another. Each different type of snake displays distinct behaviors and temperaments. Wildlife removal professionals at Wildlife X Team can identify the type of snake and know the best way to approach and trap it.

Snake in San Antonio, TX

Amateur Removal of Snakes in San Antonio Can Lead to Injury

Too often, homeowners will act based on their personal knowledge which is not always accurate. For example, most people think they know how to tell a venomous coral snake from a harmless milk snake. But these types of snakes can look deceptively similar and in the heat of the moment, it's easy to mistake one for another. A snake bite, regardless of whether or not the snake is venomous, is painful and will likely result in a costly trip to the emergency room for stitches. Snake removal in San Antonio is always best left to the professionals.

San Antonio Snake Trapping Should Be Done by Professionals

There are 13 types of snakes that are classified as threatened or endangered species. 

This means the law in our state protects them because they are close to becoming extinct or the tampering of humans has led their home habitat to be compromised. If you harm or kill one of these snakes, there can be legal consequences including heavy fines. Instead, contact Wildlife X Team as soon as you see a snake! We will be happy to come out and remove it from your property in a humane way. We can then re-locate the animal to a wild area where it will have plenty of room.

Our San Antonio Snake Removal Can Also Help With Rodents

If you have a snake problem in your home, chances are there are also rodents present. Snakes typically get inside the home through the same small openings as rodents. They follow rats and mice into the house to get an easy meal. Our professionals can inspect your property to determine how the snake has gained access, and then seal the entry point, making it impossible for the snake to return.

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Don't see your county listed? Call our Wildlife Removal location and we will put you in touch with a specialist in your area today!

Call Wildlife X Team as soon as you spot a snake in your home. We can help you in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.