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Are you avoiding certain areas of your property because bees and wasps have taken up residence? Tell them to "buzz off" by depending on our company for bee and wasp removal in San Antonio.

Bees in San Antonio, TX

Our professionals are able to humanely relocate any stinging insects that have colonized on your property. Equipped with the right tools and equipment, we remote these pests without anyone getting hurt.

Humane Bee Hive Removal

Yes. We can humanely remove and relocate bees. Even though you don't want them on your property, bees serve a purpose in our environment. They pollenate flowers and keep the eco-system alive and fruitful. By providing humane bee hive removal, we ensure your property is bee-free, and these insects have a better place

Professional Bees Nest Removal

When we remove them, they'll stay gone. However, in order to do it right, it takes more than insect spray to remove them for good. Once bees, wasps, yellow jackets, or other stinging insects have built a hive around your home, you need a professional to provide thorough bees nest removal.

In fact, improper removal of a bee or wasp nest can sometimes make these insects angry. Once upset, the bees fly as far as 800 yards away from the hive to sting anyone in their path. Allow skilled bee removal team to do it the right way for you.

Reliable Carpenter Bee Removal

Something is eating holes in your home. The handiwork of carpenter bees is unmistakable. If you notice round holes about a half inch in diameter in the wood structures around your home, you probably have carpenter bees. Even though the males can't sting and the female rarely do, they still cause damage to your home. For reliable and safe carpenter bee removal, depend on our team.

Wasp Hive Removal: Keeping Your Family Safe

Unless you are interested in entomology (the study of insects), you probably do not like wasps. If you have a wasp hive on your property, then it can be dangerous for you, your family, and your guests. We provide effective wasp hive removal to ensure you are safe once again. After all, nobody likes getting hurt. Many pest control companies say they know how to remove a beehive. However, they usually only remove the visible portion of the colony. in order to get rid of a stinging insect colony once and for all, an experienced professional must ensure every part of the nest is gone or the wasps of the nest that exist underground, in the walls of your home, in vents or airways, and in the landscaping.

Wasp Nest Removal: Doing It The Right Way

Did you know that wasps help control the insect population? They, much like bees, also pollinate crops. In addition, there are some wasps that do not sting, but they are solitary insects that are not threat to humans. Allow us to come out and inspect your property to see how we can help. We remove all types of wasps and stinging insects. Most importantly, we do it accurately to ensure the safety of our customers as well as the insects.

Wildlife X Team Of San Antonio is Serving the Following Counties:

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Don't see your county listed? Call our Wildlife Removal location and we will put you in touch with a specialist in your area today!

Contact our wasp and bee removal service if you've been stung by an insect in your property. We serve residential or commercial customers in and around San Antonio, Texas.