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Squirrels can cause a lot of damage when they find their way into your home or business. They are persistent, destructive, and territorial. These qualities make them challenging to evict. When faced with this type of animal problem, it’s best to call in professionals for squirrel removal in San Antonio. Wildlife X Team has the experience and knowledge to locate them in your structure and humanely remove them from your property.

San Antonio Squirrel Control Reduces the Chance of Re-occurrence

The ability of squirrels to chew through almost any material is well-documented. They cause extensive damage to exterior surfaces and, once inside, can ruin wires, vents, ducts, and floorboards. A squirrel in your home or business can result in not only frustration but also high repair costs.

Prevent the Need for Costly Repairs with San Antonio Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel removal is the only solution to their presence in your building. As soon as you hear or see evidence of a squirrel’s potential location, call us right away and we’ll be out to assess the situation. Not only will we remove it, but we’ll also seal the opening to ensure other squirrels cannot get back inside.

San Antonio Squirrel Removal Prevents Damages by Protective Mother Squirrels

From March to May, squirrels are preparing to reproduce by finding a secure place to nest. They are determined to find somewhere safe and out of the elements, to have their litters, which can include up to seven babies at once. They can and will damage the structure of your house to get inside. Once the squirrel has babies and gets comfortable, removing the mother is only part of the solution. A mother squirrel, who has been separated from her babies, can destroy exterior portions of your home while trying to get back inside to her babies.

Wildlife X Team Of San Antonio is Serving the Following Counties:

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  • Medina County
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  • Caldwell County
  • Atascocsa County
  • Webb County

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Removing squirrels is a task best left to the professionals. Contact or Call us anytime to find out more about our professional squirrel removal service in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.