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Wildlife X Team can help you with the presence of ring-tailed cats in your home! Sometimes called a miner's cat or simply a ring tail, these small mammals are generally very docile. However, when it comes to protecting territory, they believe to be theirs, they can clash with humans or household pets. The best way to ensure that neither the animal nor the homeowner gets hurt is to contact a professional service like ours that specializes in humane wildlife removal.

Experienced in Humane Ringtail Cat Removal in San Antonio

Even if you live your whole life in Texas, you may never see a ring-tailed cat in person. That's because these animals avoid people and spend most of their lives under cover. They are nocturnal and live in dens, so most of the time when you are awake they are sleeping. A relative of the raccoon, ring-tailed cats are about the same size as a raccoon or possum.

San Antonio Ring-Tailed Cat Trapping Can Prevent Harm to Your Pets

Ring tails are generally pleasant animals, but they prefer to be left alone. Although they look very cute and docile, if you or your family members approach it, a ring-tailed cat may become defensive and cause harm with its claws. If you have a cat or dog, the ringtail may swipe at them while defending itself.

We Remove Ring-Tailed Cats in San Antonio Quickly, Using Only Humane Methods

Like many of the other animals that typically work their way into homes, the ring-tailed cat is just looking for a quiet, dark place to live and a supply of rodents to eat. In the spring, when ringed tails are mating, they may be looking for a place to have babies. Our technicians can humanely move them to a cool, comfortable location where they will be able to flourish.

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If a ring-tailed cat has made its way into your property, contact us for help! We canremove unwanted animals from your home in San Antonio or Austin, Texas.